A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

There's never been more no time! Ahegao Academy, the Best Friends Dating Sim you hoped would never exist, does.

Cross paths with your middle-aged heartthrobs here on your home computer or Android device and try to get all 5 endings. Experience a mostly original soundtrack by Stratkat, a derivative, yet charming script by literate humans, and artisanal handcrafted art by inappropriately exposed artists. 

This project was the product of many hands, and we wanted to make the player feel how many people lifted together to make this happen. We never imagined releasing this project under these circumstances, but our team would still like to share our fondest memories with you as you play through the game. We had a lot of fun making this, and we hope we can help lift your spirits.

The lie becomes reality! Let's play together one last time.

DISCLAIMER: This game contains mature language, but no adult imagery.

(Trailer by Solidus113, Link in Description)

Extra Controls:
F1: Help/Controls
Middle-Click or H : Hide the Text Box
F : Fullscreen

Install instructions

Extract the game wherever you want and run the app/exe.

To update just save over your install folder.


Ahegao Academy 1.3.0 Linux.tar.bz2 239 MB
Ahegao Academy 1.3.0 mac.zip 235 MB
Ahegao Academy 1.3.0 win.zip 236 MB
Ahegao Academy 1.3.0 Android.apk 241 MB

Development log


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Did someone say JoJo?!!! 


i really hate looking at it, but i guess i gotta play it if i want new best friends #content


This the most beautiful/horrifying thing that I've ever witnessed and I am filled with hope, sadness, melancholy and hornt. Thank you